dear paci adventures

dear paci,

at first you were my best friend. i loved you. i truly did. you were so cute...adorably oversized on my tiny baby's face. you were everything i needed you to be. you did everything i asked of you. but now you've become an addiction & you just don't know when to give it up.

i think our symbiotic relationship is coming to an end. it's bittersweet really. you not being here means that babies are getting bigger and growing older. but in the end, i can live with that. having to hunt for a you in the middle of the night...i'm over it. having to have you & a backup on every outing...over that to! i am tired of removing you when i need to understand the 2 yr old. i hate that i can't see a precious boy's smile because you are hiding it from the camera. and lastly, you hurt my foot when i unintentionally step on you once you've been discarded...unless you end of in the bottomless abyss of disappearing pacis and i can't ever find you when i need you.

can you please turn into something awful tasting? or figure out a way to become unpleasant? i would rather you work this out on your own so i don't have to interfere. because if i do interfere, there will be lots of crying...for all parties involved. thank you.

your soon-to-be-former best friend of 3 paci loving babies

again, this thursday's post is brought to you by mama kat's pretty much world famous writer's workshop. there was another great prompt that i think i'll find the time to add tomorrow...about tv shows we should bring back...


  1. Hang in there! Maybe the pacy fairy will come visit soon and the pacifiers will all vanish :) Reading your adventures always brings to mind new challenges I hadn't considered before, like the pacy with more than one young one!

  2. thanks! i'm thinking i'll have the paci fairy come for a visit around the twins 1st birthday & then we'll be done...for good. but i realize it's easier said than done...

  3. My firstborn, who is about to turn 12, loved, loved, loved his paci though we called it the Bink! Then all of a sudden when he was nearing 2 or so, he just started throwing that sucker as far away as he could when I handed it to him and never looked back. I was both glad and kinda sad at the same time.
    And my second, oh how I wished a pacifier or something...anything would have worked on him!

  4. @Diane
    my first had his til he was 3...i would hopefully like to not have that happen again. if only i could get the 2 yr old to start throwing it in disgust. :)

  5. Just remember, they will not be 12-year-old paci lovers...this too shall pass (or paci)!

    Visiting from Mama Kat's!

  6. Oh girlie, I have felt your pain. 5 times. But when it's time it's time. Be strong, Mommy! After a week, things will be all better.

  7. @Stef thanks. i know i can, i just need to bite the bullet and do it :/

  8. JDaniel's sharp teeth pierced his pacis and he decided they didn't work. We were able to get rid of them.

  9. @JDaniel4's Mom i wish something like that would magically happen to the paci. my oldest didn't care if it had holes, so i'm hoping that's not the case this time around.



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