adventures from behind the shopping cart

my view from behind the shopping cart...

after my post the other day i've had several emails about how i do even go to the store by myself. i thought going to the store with 1 was impossible...then there were 2...and then...4. so, let me fill ya in...

while mostly i do not go to the store on solo missions, i do sometimes need out of the house for short 'to get' type of lists. so we went to target for diapers & a few things for the twins upcoming birthday celebration. there are typically 2 ways i can do it, either with a double shopping cart yes, the gigantic ones that don't turn or either of my big strollers and my moby wrap.

i wear one of the twins. i usually end up wearing {matty} since he's the smallest, but sometimes {sam} just needs some momma time too. the big boys ride in the cart, although {ben} is big enough to walk along side me or ride on the end of the cart too. i prefer the shopping cart because of the space to put things. the stroller just doesn't allow for bigger or lots of items. but i can do the stroller if i bring my own bags which i usually do anyways and hang them from the handles. this is ideal for really quick trips who am i kidding?! or i don' feel like hunting for or cannot find a double shopping cart. i put {gabe} and one of the twins in and wear the other, while {ben} walks along side of us. {ben} likes carrying his own bag so that helps to entertain him. and the boys sometimes do better with the stroller because it's a familiar space.

either of these methods work with multiple yes, even just 2 kiddos. just be prepared to switch it up in the middle of the store if need be. the earlier in the day i go, the better because of nap times. sometimes i bring snacks for the kids to munch on if we'll be out a little longer, like graham crackers, pretzels or cereal. that's a good distraction for a bit. and then my fall back is lollipops. i'm not against bribing. i have boys after all, not sweet still-sitting perfect angels.

happy shopping! what's your trick to shopping with kids?

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  1. I like to discuss what we are buying "this is a granny smith apple, do you see a yellow fruit we should buy?" or "we are hunting for toilet paper, do you see it?" or if I really need to think "here's a game on my iphone." :)

  2. I always wore my smallest twin too! So much easier on the back. I once wrote a post about the horrors of those huge carts that don't turn - an elderly lady chewed me out and made me cry!

  3. I think I've seen you in stores! Or moms like you and I am amazed and try to smile at them but they usually have one eye on one child and another eye finding the food :) I am impressed and think how easy I have it with two. I love these photos!! Great perspective!

  4. I do a lot of food snacks to keep my 18 month old happy and always wear my 5 month old in a backpack. I never go without a list and I rarely stop to "look" at anything. There also tends to be a lot of mistakes made, i.e. making chicken salad sandwiches only to realize after adding grapes that you bought tuna fish. Yea, tuna fish sandwiches DO NOT taste good with grapes in them!!



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