adventures with picture phones

what did we do before cell phones had cameras?! we missed out on so many sweet moments of life that just couldn't be captured. now we can share those moments with any & everyone. it's great. i can send evidence of the boys' cuteness all the way to california for grammie & grandaddy to see. :)

so this is our tribute to phone pictures (all from matt's phone). ya know sometimes they are the best!

some growing gabe pictures...

march 20

loving the paci & the carseat

snuggling with daddy

trying to keep a safe distance from the wild man. who looks like he's doing the disco by the way

loves his paci!

paci loves gabe

wide awake & ready to go

this is what we call milk drunk :)

april 11

ben's need of haircut...
swinging on the porch swing & enjoying the outside!

look what you can do with really sweet long hair!
and the result of a great haircut...after a nap :) we went to a barber shop & the man was not afraid to let ben yell. he literally palmed ben's head and held him in the chair. it was quite a show. and ben earned the lollipop at the end-yeah he yelled but he didn't get out of the chair!

and ben's family 2nd birthday celebration caught via iphone. we had strawberries & angel food cake for dessert and ben devoured several helpings!

he's eyeing the cake already. wait for it....
loved blowing out the candle & he did it all by himself!

proud of himself for blowing out the candle & loving all the attention
and this is the part where he devours his cake :)
can't go wrong with strawberries & angel food cake

naps with daddy are the best!
easter afternoon nap

if you want to keep up with matt's doings (and random pics of the fam) check out matt's twitter.

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