adventures at nanny's house

while we were in florida we stayed at nanny's house. so much better than staying at a hotel :) we all enjoyed a little R&R. ben loved to walk with nanny outside to get the dog, and they usually ended up down on the dock. who can blame him?! 
matt & ben had a grand ole time riding bikes & skateboards in front of nanny's house. i became designated picture taker. her extra-long driveway made for a great runway for the skateboard. ben loves the skateboard! here are just a couple pics i could get up.

ben & daddy riding back up the driveway.

the dueling tricycles
time to go in for a nap
we just found him like this. under the table just hanging out. too funny!
ben & nanny-the-great walking down to the dock. 
if only every moment of life were this beautiful!

1 comment:

  1. What a fun time! The shot of Nanny & Ben is really beautiful. Good eye, Kristi.



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