adventures at the children's museum

fridays = family fun day in our house because matt is off of work. today we went to the Children's Museum of Virginia in Portsmouth. it was great! it's a hands-on (feet & everything else) kids museum. ben literally ran from one thing to the next. he was so excited, it was hard to get any good pictures, but here's what we did get!
matt was on ben patrol & i was the designated picture taker, that's why there are a million pics of matt & none of me! oh and sorry about matt's 'magic' shoes in all the pictures.

Playing in the "City"...
'self checkout' at the grocery store

decisions, decisions!

getting some lessons on how to drive a fire truck

hopefully the closest ben will ever get to riding a motorcycle

an Alice In Wonderland chair

he climbed all the way to the top by himself...never doubted he could

hanging with dad inside of a giant bubble. "cooool" ben says.

running around the train room. it was incredible. there was even a play room in there for kids to play with some trains.

"hmm...i'm supposed to climb this. you're really gonna just let me climb on it?"


ben's favorite game. plinko with ping pong balls.

getting blasted by the air holding the ball up. he loved this one too!

our curious george

running on the giant computer. jumping on keys. all things he's dying to do at home :)

my boys & their guitars.


  1. Granddad thought it would have been fun to be a fly on the wall and watch Ben having fun. Those pics are great. It wasn't hard to imagine him running from one thing to another. Did he really climb the rock wall by himself?

  2. great pics! :) Ben looks like hes having a blast. we took the girls to a similar musem when we were in Oregon and they loved it. its such a great thing to do when its cold out!

    hopefully we'll see ya later!

  3. Brings back memories! I remember going there as a kiddo - giant bubble was my favorite!

  4. We took Chase the other day because your pics looked like so much fun. He had a blast, but meltdowns soon followed.



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