adventures of being thankful

we had a grand ole time for thanksgiving this year. aunt kristin & uncle oakley and family came to visit & auntie kate got lots of days off to play! we pretty much lived at nana roo & papa's house while the cousins were in town. ben picked up on all sorts of new things...both good & bad. :) he definitely talks a lot more, but he's also testing the limits too. he's growing up so much lately i can hardly stand it & yet at the same time be so amazed at what he does next. here are a few pictures of the weekend.

this is what auntie kate's are made for...playing with rowday kiddos!

ben was all smiles & couldn't sit still all weekend he was so excited to play with cousins.
at mac arthur playplace...the older 2 were in time-out & ben thought he'd join them. lol
this is what happened at my house...while the kids were being corralled at nana & papa's, the guys built a wall so the master bedroom can go upstairs. thanks uncle oakley for all your help!

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