adventures as a dinosaur

we went to a 5 year old's "Royal Princess" costume ball the weekend after halloween. mercy, the birthday girl was a princess, and everyone else wore their halloween costumes or a princess outfit. ben played his part by being the dinosaur. :) he was too cute for words & he didn't mind wearing the outfit at all. i think i may put him in it at home & let him run around, yes purely for my own entertainment, but it's too cute not to.

he discovered how cool bikes are. he wouldn't get off the pink princess bike. time for one without all the sparkles.

daddy & dinosaur ben-who was being uncooperative for picture taking

dinosaur ben & mommy

it's a bird! it's a plane! no, it's a paci monster! oh wait, it's just the dinosaur who stole some poor kids paci.

ben "roaring" as dinosaurs should.

after the costume came off, ben tried out his new trick...somersaults!


  1. love the somersalt one. he is so stinkin' cute. savannah is smitten....she keeps asking to see ben "again, again" :)

  2. I loved the roaring dinosaur. He was pretty intent on doing it. The somersaults were great too. Don't let him near a balance beam or he'll be dancing on it.



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