our california adventure continued...day 2

well it was another busy day out west. we ran and chased and played hard. we visited a local drive-in and had some milkshakes and burgers. ben is quite the milkshake monster. then we headed to a local park. it was gorgeous. today was a perfect 77 degrees with a light breeze. it was 3:30 in the afternoon and yet felt like it was 10 in the morning. the trees were blowing gently in the wind and the river that runs through the park quietly whispered its way over the rocks. *sigh* it was heaven...then i realized that ben was on his way up the playground and i snapped back to reality. lol don't worry we all took a walk after dinner with ben contained in the stroller so we could all enjoy the evening. :) here are some pieces of our day...

on our way to the playground...the excitement was almost too much to handle!

the bridge was a little tricky. so he decided to test it out by crawling across. he didn't know to walk across it until later after he watched his play buddy.

ben & his grandaddy. this is what ben will look like when he is a grandpa...down to the matching shoes & hair!

ben & his play buddy logan-aka ben followed this little guy around


  1. Looks like so much fun! miss you guys!

  2. Ben can most definitely hang with the big boys! :)



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