family picture adventures

aunt kristin & uncle oakley came up for the weekend. we were suppose to go to the beach...and that didn't happen. we were suppose to go to fireworks...and that didn't happen. so we didn't do much on the 4th this year, but we did get some family pictures taken! that was an adventure for sure...with 4 kids 6 & under plus a newborn, the sun, the grass, a scratch on the pinky finger, papa steve & the neck brace, a box of sweetarts, mosquitoes...etc, etc, etc! here are just a few of the pictures...

photos: charity mack

classic...after the pinky injury

this is double trouble...make that DOUBLE TROUBLE!

all the Ruckel grandkids

my sweet little boy

the whole Ruckel crew

our little Ruckel family

check out all of the pictures

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