adventures as a ring bearer

kaitlyn and josiah got hitched this past weekend in liberty. so we've been busy all month helping with that and getting ready for it, or at least that's the excuse i'm using for why i haven't updated! :) ben has had a HUGE growth spurt this past month. i know he's gained 2 1/2 lbs. (that puts him at 25!)and an inch or more. he's been cutting molars like a champ! the week before we went to KC he already had one and then we found out he was cutting 3 more...at the same time. but he does it gracefully. he cut one right before we left and another on the trip and the 3rd is cutting now. and now i've lost count of teeth...12 maybe! his new favorite game is chase. he looks over his shoulder at you, grins and laughs and then runs as fast as his little legs go-which by the way is pretty fast. it's been lots of fun watching him really start to play with us and follow the other kids on the playground. he has mastered the preschool slide at church and does it continuously on wednesday nights.

a recap of the weekend in short...
the wedding was great!
ben traveled like a champ! he's done this a time or 2 before.
i'm glad to be backin my own bed once again (not that i didn't love the bunkbeds b!)

here's a few pics that my aunt took at the wedding. hopefully more to come soon...

my dad and lil sis

grammie & grandad add another boy to the family

the cook family...a little disorganized, but what's new?!

kaiti & josiah trotter!

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