thanksgiving to new year's summary

watchout-flying baby!

well it's been 2 months since i've updated & so much has happened so here's a brief rundown...

* ben's first thanksgiving was great! he had turkey & sweet potatoes and CHEERIOS! nana roo gave him his first cheerios. yep he's picking them up and putting them in his mouth. he loves his O's!
* pop and aunt cub & uncle john (rhonda's dad & sister) came to visit for the holiday. we spent lots of time with family getting kisses and playing.
* ben crawls around like a maniace. he's so fast now you really have to watch him.
* i've got a climber! he loves to climb onto anything he can-especially boxes!
* he is a true wild man. his favorite thing is to shake anything he can(even the piano)
* he talks all the time. his baby babble has now turned into specific sounds after i've said something. he makes eye contact when he has something to tell you.
* tooth #9 is on it's way- it's an "i" tooth. OUCH! they say it's one of the worst.
* he started to stand on his own right before christmas. i guess he took a break while we were away, so when we came home he was ready to show off his new trick. i'll find him standing by himself in the middle of the living room clapping his hands.
* oh another new trick-clapping! the boy loves to clap. if you tell him not to touch something or no-he'll fuss and then start clapping! it's hilarious!
* his favorite activity is cruising around the living room. he starts at one end and before you know it he's at the other. then he plops down and crawls back to the beginning and does it all over again. he seriously does it 5-6 times a day.
* christmas was fun with our little explorer. once he finally figured out you can tear the paper and pull at it-he was into it. then he found some boxes to bang on and climb.
* he was a champion traveler-we drove to florida-a 16 hour drive. he was AWESOME! i think he did better than the rest of us :)
* grammie & grandad cook came to visit for new year's and ben had a blast playing with and loving on them. his loves to ride the horsey now! thanks mom!

i think that's it. hopefully the updates will come more regularly now that the holidays are over. i hope everyone of you had a great holiday season with your families.


i love to chew!

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