he's been out of the belly as long as he was in there!

we went to the doctor this morning for ben's 9 month check up. he was very observant of everything around him. he played with the toys in the waiting room, watched some of the movie that was playing, and fully explored the room we waited for the doctor in. he also cried when a little girl got too loud and started squealing! guess he'll have to get used to that, especially if we ever have a girl.
to some it all up he is right where he should be developmentally the doctor said. he doesn't have an ear infection like i was afraid of thank the Lord! he only got 2 shots (hepatitis b and flu booster) and a finger prick (anemia) today. the finger prick was the worst just because he hates having his hands restrained. once we got the band-aid on he kept making a waving motion. that's a new trick he's learning so i guess he got lots of practice today.

ben's 9 month stats:
29 inches & in the 75th percentile for length
21 lbs even & in the 55th percentile for weight
46 1/2 cm & in the 80th percentile for head circumference

we've definitely got a big growing boy on our hands. :)

crib escape adventure update: for those of you who haven't heard or seen...last saturday ben fell out of his crib and bonked his head on a basket on the way down. scared us all to death! i was on my way to get him and hear a big smack and see him on the floor next to the crib! he recovered well from his first big fall. it's been a week and you can barely see the scratch and the goose egg has fully flattened back out. good thing those skulls come with holes in them already! lol he's a trooper and i'm sure that's just the very first of many many more to come.

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  1. In other news- Ben said Tess!!!!! more like teeesh but hey I'll take it! ha ha Love you guys!



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