ear infection

well folks it's our first run of a sick kid and boy is it not fun! lol ben has an ear infection from all the drainage of teething. and yes he now has 2 new teeth & i think a couple more coming soon (the snot-nose hasn't stopped running)! so 6 teeth-and yes he has bit me- and an ear infection. he's quite the trooper. he is still getting used to taking the antibiotics by syringe, but he's getting better. he'll go back to the doctor in a couple weeks for a follow up and his flu booster shot. in the meantime pray he gets over this quickly.

oh his 6 month check up was oct. 12 and he weighed 18lbs. 4 oz. and when they weighed him yesterday he was 19lbs. 12oz. guess he's had a growth spurt! i'll post pictures of his first halloween later this week.

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