meeting the family

we're out in california visiting and getting a chance for my family to meet the little man. it worked out that both of my sisters could be here...even if it was only for a day. ben has been the life of the party for sure. saturday we had a family picnic by the river. my aunt judy and cousins jill & karen came up from santa cruz and aunt neva and uncle john and poppo came with us too. we had a great time! it was a long day but well worth the time.

sitting with aunt kelli

kisses from aunt kaiti

playing with grammie kay

hanging out with grandad

getting some love from poppo


  1. LOVE these pictures! looks like you and ben had a great trip and you had a nice break with everyone there to love on the little chubber. he is SO cute and getting SO big. we have to hang this week before we leave!

  2. These pictures have to be so special to you. I'm glad that Ben got to meet the other half of his family, and you got some time with them too. I know that it is helpful having some Ruckel's in town with you, but your own flesh and blood can't quite compair. I love you.



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