Party Animals

ben sleeping at the church picnic

we were incredibly busy this weekend, but loved every minute of it. we had friends in from out of town, birthdays to celebrate, and 4 picnics...including one at church. it was a little rough on the little guy, but we all survived. he's just kicking and playing and talking so much today. he may be an introvert...just needed some down time to recover from all the socializing. :)

and this weekend is another busy one. bethany is coming in town to visit and it's also the start of graduation season around here. so more parties to go to and people to see. he also has his 2 month doctor visit this week. this means his first round of shots. :( i'm not looking forward to it. and then on sunday evening we leave for florida for the week. phew! yes i know that we're crazy but we're just living life to its fullest.

the home inspection is set for tomorrow and we're still on schedule for a closing on the 15th...yes of june!

ben & mercy at wayne & jada's picnic

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  1. My Friend Ben,

    Most excited about the house! Fantastic news! If you need a breather while your 'rents pack up the place, just head over to my house ! Just down the street from your new abode!

    Loved the yellow outfit last night! Get some rest kid, sounds like June isn't going to be any easier than May.




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