preschool adventures: back to school in florida

i've learned i was right in wanting to be settled for {ben} to start school. it's been quite the process of getting him enrolled in preschool here. thankfully the pre-kindergarten here is state-funded & free so it makes the hassle a little more worth while. but there have been lots of errands. lots! he starts next week & he's so excited...so am i, cause the errands & phone calls will be done. time for phone calls for some play dates now! but really, there's nothing like making you feel at home than running errands all over your new city.

here's what our to-do list ended up looking like:
  • find a preschool & get a tour thankfully, we were referred here & it was a great fit!
  • fill out school application
  • get VPK (voluntary pre-kindergarten) voucher from child care services
  • get shot record transferred to florida's form at the health dept
  • get physical transferred to florida's form...or get a new one which is what ended up happening.
  • find a pediatrician again, we were referred. bonus of moving close to family!
  • turn in all paper work & money for uniform shirts
  • pick up uniform shirts & school bag
when i saw my list of things to get done, i thought no big deal...but it honestly has taken a solid week & a half of phone calls & running around to get it done. thankfully it was nice to have a reason to leave the house since {matt} was gone last week for work training. and all of the state facilities we had to visit were prepared for kids to be there...for a while even. that made my life so much easier, especially since i forgot the stroller that day. yikes! alas, we all survived. 

i'll be honest, this process made me not look forward to getting {ben} registered for kindergarten. but hopefully it won't be nearly as time consuming or confusing since i'll have been a florida resident for more than a couple of weeks. and he'll be in public school cause our sweet little town was rated #1 place in florida to raise kids. what a blessing to be in a great school system...far from where we were living in virginia. looking forward to raising my boys here...even if they will eventually go to ruckel middle school. and no i'm not kidding. it's named after {matt}s grandfather...yeah, it's weird.

so here we are going back to school again...

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